Building Energy Performance Assessment (BEPA) -ASTM E2797

The purpose of ASTM E2797 "Building Energy Performance Standard for a Building in a Real Estate Transaction" (BEPA) is to define a commercially useful practice for conducting an energy assessment on a building involved in a commercial real estate transaction and subsequent reporting of the building energy performance information. Read more

Congratulation San Francisco!

San Francisco joins other mayor cities by passing an Ordinance amending the San Francisco Environment Code by adding Chapter 20, Sections 2000 through 2009, to adopt the San Francisco Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance, requiring owners of nonresidential buildings to conduct Energy Efficiency Audits of their properties and file Annual Energy Benchmark Summaries for their buildings, and making environmental findings. Read more

Ready for AB1103?

This next stage of California legislation aimed at reducing the state’s energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions will take effect in January of 2012 with the implementation of Assembly Bill 1103. Commercial real estate brokers, facility managers and building owners need to become familiar with this new law and understand how it will affect them. Read more

This site focuses on the relevant details in brief and provides a guideline for your own self service "Energy Performance Report", free of charge. The final report will help you focus on keeping your properties' competitive and compliant to AB1103 without any further obligations.


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The energy benchmarking for nonresidential buildings is not just a question of compliance but more importantly a question of your competitiveness. In the tight commercial building market the improved energy performance creates a unique selling proposition.

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